About us

A-T, s.r.o. is a design-manufacturing company headquartered in Bratislava that was founded in 1991. It is still one of the leading companies providing a comprehensive design and manufacturing program in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Our customers are successful and promising companies. They are mainly manufacturers of food products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics as well as other industries.


The broad portfolio of services includes the manufacturing and construction of industrial technologies and units, including production facilities, transfers and the reinstallation of manufacturing plants, production lines, the completing of original machines as well as equipment in new dispositional conditions.

Task analysis

According to the requirements of many customers who also intend to compete with state-of-the-art firms in the future, we develop designs for technological lines, while always taking into account the requirements for compliance with international standards and low energy demands.


We provide engineering, design and consultancy work for the design of technological units. During the construction of industrial halls, we elaborate complete project documentation. The complete project documentation consists of the construction part, the technological part, including ensuring the final building approval as well as the commissioning of the technology.


In our own premises, we ensure the production lines for the processing of loose materials and the manufacture of transport equipment for their transport within the whole technological process. According to our own know-how, we produce conveyor systems and equipment for processing loose and liquid products. Our programmers have developed original software which, in conjunction with the latest computer technology, ensures routine work and inspections during the entire technological process.


We standardly supply the required equipment or the complete technology, including the entire assembly. At the customer’s request, we will supplement already existing technology with new devices and transport links with respect to the spatial and technical capabilities. An integral part of the supply is the recovery of technology, operator training and putting it into permanent operation.

Management and commissioning

The stable and very high quality craftsmanship of the equipment supplied by the company A-T, s.r.o., ensures the perfect functioning of all elements. However, even the most perfect system may fail. We strive to avoid this by constant contact with users, and possible consultations with the customer. We also ensure warranty and post-warranty service for all supplied parts and equipment. It is our strategic objective that this high level of service provides our current and future customers with a solid background and a sure return on investment.


It goes without saying that after the handover of the equipment, we provide service and spare parts throughout its lifetime.

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