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A-T, s.r.o

Automation – Technologies (A-T,) s.r.o. is one of the oldest private Slovak companies operating continuously since its establishment on the European market. The company was established on 12 March 1991 under the name AT-ENGINEERING spol. s r.o. as a private company focused on design and development.

During the first years of its existence in cooperation with the German firm AT-Produktenwicklung GmbH and as an independent design and development production enterprise since 2009, the company has successfully executed the design, production, assembly and automation of storage technologies, internal transport systems, dosing, mixing and separating raw materials for all customers who process raw materials, including the producers of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, and construction materials, and the processors of intermediate products for further production.

Through its designers, constructors, and production, assembly and automation personnel with extensive years of experience, A-T, s.r.o. provides comprehensive services and deliveries in its own in-house premises, from design studies to the development of special devices and equipment to customer specifications, delivery of individual machines, components and technologies, to the installation of complete turnkey technological assemblies and the automation of existing production processes.

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