The dosing and weighing systems are built on the basis of strain gauges for the weighing of liquid components. The accuracy of weighing also depends on the method and accuracy of dosing. Dosing equipment (screw, vibration, pneumatic etc.) are used according to the particular specifications.

Dosing of loose components

The dosing of loose components also includes a telescopic filling nozzle. It is a device that is used to load loose products into the back of a truck (loose loading) or for filling railway cisterns (closed loading). The nozzle is equipped with suction in order to reduce dust during loading.

Dosing of liquid components

Water mixers

In the water mixing system, hot water circulates on the hot-water side and cold water on the cold-water side. For circulating, a circulation pump is used on each branch. Hot water enters into the mixing system, where the increase or decrease of the amount of water flowing through is sensed by the flowmeter. Upon reaching the desired temperature and the required amount of water, the water is mixed and dosed through the output from the mixing device into the system of the technological equipment. In such way, the dosing of a certain (required) amount of water of a suitable (desired) temperature is achieved. The device operates in the automatic mode.

Filling nozzle